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Started in 2001

Established in 2001, DXRacer operates three specialized factories, each dedicated to different stages of our meticulous manufacturing process. We take great pride in upholding our proprietary standards for material selection, chair production, and assembly. At DXRacer, our unwavering commitment is to provide users with innovative and superior-quality chairs. By consistently setting industry benchmarks and surpassing competitors, we strive to exceed expectations and deliver excellence in every aspect of our products.


We Are the Standard

Despite being in a relatively young industry, we are constantly striving to set standards on how a gaming chair should be made. Our dominance in the market is strengthened by top quality and unmatched comfort, differentiating us from competitors. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we meticulously attend to every detail, constantly striving for perfection. Choose us for the epitome of quality gaming chairs. Sit with us, sit on quality!

Cold-cure Foam

In order to achieve that perfect combination of firmness and softness, we developed a cold-cure foam that is medium-firm for maximum comfort and optimal support.

Memory Foam

Take your comfort to the next level with our high-density, slow-rebound memory foam. A perfect combination of strength and resilience. It's amazing for both your posture and your comfort.

Microfiber Leatherette

With its rich luster and silky smooth texture, Microfiber leatherette is a dream to touch. Not only does it have a soft and pleasant feel, but also it is durable and stain-resistant.

EPU Leatherette

Our newest generation of EPU leatherette is unrivaled when it comes to durability, flexibility, and resistance to wear and tear. It has been tested to exceed regular PU leather since it combines the best features of various leatherette samples.

Water-Resistant Fabric

Waterproof fabric is soft and highly resistant to water. The high-performance technical fabric you need to maintain that Day 1 feel for years to come.

High-tech Mesh

New-tech mesh is strong and ultra-breathable. It allows air to circulate and prevent the buildup of heat and moisture so you stay cool even on the hottest summer days. Like sitting on the cloud.

PVC Leather

PVC leather is a lightweight material that exhibits a smooth texture and is known for its resistance to deformation, as well as its durability. That makes it ideal for making long-lasting decorations for chair, car interiors and other fields.

Knitted Fabric

The Knitted fabrics are distinguished by their supple texture, ability to absorb moisture and promote breathability, capacity to wick sweating, and capacity to provide warmth. In addition, the majority of them possess exceptional elasticity and extensibility.

Suede Fabric

Suede, a fabric with a soft, delicate surface, is highly prized for its luxurious feel and decorative appearance. It is commonly used for jackets, shoes, fabrics, purses, furniture, and other items.

Silicon Leatherette

Silicon leatherette just passed the highest level of baby first-class product certification, which means it's totally eco-friendly and super healthy! Comfortable to the touch and resistant to wear and tear over a period of seven to fifteen years.

RGB Exoskeleton

Static Colors

Static Colors

Specific Colors

Specific Colors

Dynamic Colors

Dynamic Colors

Ergonomic Support
& Adjustability


Adjustable Head Pillow


4D Lumbar Support


Cold-cure Foam


4D Armrests


Multi-functional Tilt


Aluminum Base

Constant Testing Beyond Industrial Standard

Our chairs are put through an array of tests such as stability, and load bearing. DXRacer only
delivers products that are durable and safe for our users.

Seating Durability Test

A 125 lbs (57 kg) weight falls onto the seat for 100,000 cycles.

Armrest Durability Test

A force of 400 N (41 kg) is repeatedly applied to the armrest for 60,000 cycles.

Caster Durability Test

Casters are swiveled back and forth for 2,000 cycles in a space with obstacles and 98,000 cycles without obstacles.

Hydraulics Durability Test

A 269 lbs (122 kg) weight is placed onto the seat. The hydraulics is rotated clockwise and counterclockwise for a total of 120,000 cycles.

Base Load Test

A force of 11,120 N (1,135 kg) is applied to the base for 1 minute.

Frame Durability Test

A 240 lbs (109 kg) weight is placed on the center of the seat. A force of 445 N (45 kg) is repeatedly applied to the backrest for 120,000 cycles. 10~30 cycles per minute is the average rate.

factory-future factory-future

DXRacer made history in 2006 by inventing the world's first gaming chair and it doesn’t stop there. We aim to design and manufacture chairs that are used in a variety of settings, including but not limited to homes, offices, and recreation areas. We recently released our latest innovation, the world's first modular gaming chair and mesh gaming chair. We are proud of how far we've come, but this is only the beginning.