The World's First Gaming Chair


Prior to this, DXRacer's predecessor was a corporation specialized in designing and manufacturing racing seats. It collaborated with renowned racing equipment manufacturers worldwide to create top-tier seats prioritizing safety, durability, and comfort. DXRacer stood out as one of the few manufacturers capable of exceeding FIA standards in seat construction. With a dedication to professional expertise and craftsmanship, DXRacer invested a significant amount of time and resources. After three years of extensive research, development, and countless tests, the high-end racing chair underwent a transformative redesign, resulting in the creation of the most comfortable ergonomic gaming chair.

In 2006, DXRacer introduced the world's first gaming chair [Wikipedia], known as the Formula Series, marking a groundbreaking milestone in the gaming industry and establishing a legendary status for gaming chairs.

Devoted To The Esports Industry



In 2007, DXRacer made significant investments in sponsoring the Star Wars and WCG events. Despite the high costs involved, DXRacer's chairs made a remarkable debut in the gaming arena, captivating everyone's attention with their cool appearance and remarkably comfortable seating experience.


In 2013, DXRacer made its entry into the U.S. market, establishing its headquarters in Michigan, a region known for its robust manufacturing industry. DXRacer further strengthened its presence by sponsoring renowned gaming tournaments like MLG, UMG, LPL, LCK, and forming collaborations with top Esports organizations such as Faze Clan, SKT T1, Samsung Galaxy, among others. Notably, DXRacer partnered with prominent brands like Monster Energy, Facebook Gaming, Sony, Razer, and Twitch to create custom seats. Its influence extended to Hollywood, making appearances in major sports, movies, and TV series, captivating a vast fan base.

DXRacer has earned global recognition as the "King of Gaming Chairs," with an increasing number of gaming enthusiasts considering DXRacer as the standard setup for gaming. The brand has solidified its position as an industry leader.

Two Decades Of Constant Striving For Perfection

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DXRacer embraces the principle of ergonomics to promote optimal sitting posture and overall well-being. We take pride in designing the PGKT series, which reflects our commitment to excellence. Our continuous efforts revolve around expanding our product range to cater to the ever-changing demands of the market. At DXRacer, we maintain a steadfast dedication to ongoing updates, innovation, and progress, ensuring that we never cease in our pursuit of improvement.


In 2021, DXRacer revolutionized the industry with the Air series gaming mesh chair, resolving the discomfort issue of leather chairs by incorporating breathable mesh material for enhanced comfort. The acclaimed Master series, recognized for its advanced technology and modular design, has earned prestigious international awards. DXRacer's Craft series offers personalized gaming chairs, empowering individuals to create unique and customized seating solutions.


From the original gaming chair (Formula series) to the present, DXRacer has spent over two decades researching and developing its gaming chairs. Every DXRacer gaming chair represents a pinnacle of craftsmanship, embodying the relentless pursuit of perfection embraced by the entire DXRacer team.

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Light Up The Future

Presently, DXRacer boasts an extensive network of 200 resellers, offering a diverse range of 1,000 products. With a vast following on social media and a substantial user base spanning the globe, DXRacer has reached millions of individuals worldwide. Remarkably, our sales have exceeded 6 million chairs in 56 countries, consistently setting new records in global sales.

DXRacer extends sincere gratitude to our valued customers from around the world. We firmly believe that our journey has just begun, and we remain committed to crafting premium gaming furniture that not only reflects individuality but also enhances the quality of life.